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This solo piece is inspired by a figure drawn by Marlene Monteiro Freitas from memory after a concert she saw, entitled Guintche. The figure grew, acquiring its own personality, its own life – and it rebelled. Guintche is a Creole word, the language spoke
Five dancers on roller skates have fun and glide round the stage, in search of new sensations.
Conférence de choses is a playful journey through the encyclopaedic knowledge of its protagonist, revealing both the vastness of modern knowledge and the improbable pathways along which it travels.
A miniature, “life-sized” version of an epic odyssey, based on the study of the local region and its realities, and the way these realities clash with the challenges of our modern 21st-century. Bring walking shoes, flashlight and waterproof jacket
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  • #landscapes at the borders

Haskell Junction

Renaud Cojo / Ouvre le chien


  • Theater


Hamid Ben Mahi / Hors Série


  • Dance
  • Hip-hop
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