Wreck – List of extinct species

  • Dance
  • Performance

Pietro Marullo / Insiemi Irreali

Italie / Belgique

À partir de
15 ans
The 12 october
At 19h00
The 13 october
At 19h00

Is it a sea monster or a boat adrift? Moving through the space, a vast shadow, like a wave withdrawing, reveals beings that are as if left behind by the backwash. WRECK arose from anger in the face of the shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean. It combines dance, the plastic arts, sound and an installation, carrying our imagination away towards the experience of migration, crossing deserts and oceans, or the quest for a meaning to life.

Pietro Marullo / Insiemi Irreali


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conception, staging and choreography by Pietro Marullo / dancers Helena Araujo, Paola Di Bella, Paola Madrid and Anaïs van Eyecken  / technicians Adrien Desbons et Noèmi Knecht / sound creation and management Jean-Noel Boissé / lighting creation and management  Julie Petite-Etienne / scenography and costumes Pietro Marullo and Bertrand Nodet