Travelling La métropole «augmentée»

  • Urban event
The 19 october
At 14h00
The 20 october
At 14h00
The 21 october
At 14h00

Tomorrow the Bordeaux Metropolitan tram will be connected. Through the windows of our trams, the landscape passing by will be “augmented” by historical, practical, meteorological information – and by artistic skill. Picture yourself in the tramway on a journey between Gare Saint-Jean and Place de la Bourse. Shapes created by an artist interacting with the urban environment will suddenly appear. Although this project does not yet exist, a 3D simulator can already immerse you in the near future.


project promoted by the society Axyz, technological partner of the innovative project Connectram. The FAB/Travelling is laureate of the EDF Fondation and France Festivals, within the scop of the  Fest’up plan, and get support from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region et the ministry of culture and communication/ the project Connectram is promoted by the Alstom, Axyz and Keoliscompanies.