Supernova Trilogy

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Theatre Junction


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3h with interval

The 11 october
At 20h00
The 12 october
At 20h00

Supernova Trilogy is a triptych. A variation in three separate parts about the irreversible impact of new technologies on our consciousness and our social relations. Using a multidisciplinary format, Theatre Junction combines dance, theatre and music so that we can see and hear what this instrument of progress is doing today and the world it could lead to tomorrow. Delving into both science and fiction, the Canadian troupe portray the end of a model and construct a poetic dystopia showing implicitly how the American dream is fading.

Theatre Junction


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conception and directing Mark Lawes / co-creationMark Lawes et Raphaële Thiriet with the company Theatre Junction / directing Mark Lawes / interpreters Frédéric Lavallée, Melina Stinson, Raphaële Thiriet / scenography Mark Lawes with David Alexandre Chabot / lighting design David-Alexandre Chabot / art Vidéo Kyle Thomas / musical composition (and live music) Ian Jarvis / technical manager Jon Cleveland