POEM OF A CELL, Triptych of Love and Ecstasy

Stefan Winter

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French Premiere
guichet 17€ / plein 15€ / abonné 12€
The 24 october
At 21h00

Poem of a Cell is a sound, music and video installation exploring the themes of love and ecstasy. The 3 central screens in the work interact with a pre-recorded soundtrack and the presence of musicians on stage. Based on 3 mystical poems, Song of Songs by Tanakh, The Flowing Light of the Godhead by Mechthild of Magdeburg and Unity with the Divine by Rabi’a of Basra, Poem Of a Cell lays down bridges between Judaism, Christianity and Islam through their point of convergence: divine love.


written and directed by Stefan Winter / live musicians Fanny Winter – singing, Joachim Badenhorst – clarinet, saxophone, Alan Berne – accordion, Uri Caine – piano, organ/ soundscapes Stefan Winter / The Vocal Soloists of the Kettwiger Bach-Ensemble Elisabeth Kläsener, Franziska Kopetzki soprano Alt / Hanna Kirschbaum, Annette Jahr alto /Thorsten Puschner, Oliver Kopetzki tenor /Michael Kutsche, Franz-Josef Reidick bass / Wolfgang Kläsener conductor / actors of the sound and video setting  Noriko Kura the woman, Stefan Winter the man


Video setting / photographic exhibition

from tuesday 16th  to wednesday 31th from 2pm to 6pm