Par tes yeux

  • Theater

Martin Bellemare / Gianni-Grégory Fornet / Sufo-Sufo


À partir de
15 ans
The 18 october
At 20h30

From Cameroon to Canada, via Nouvelle-Aquitaine, from three continents, three writers help us change our way of seeing the world. By providing an outlet for the voices of three teenagers from Africa, America and Europe, the writing provides a map of humanities and unveils identities transitioning from childhood to adulthood. From their differences and similarities arise points of view, realities and lived experiences to produce a palpable panorama to be viewed Par tes yeux (through your eyes).

Martin Bellemare / Gianni-Grégory Fornet / Sufo-Sufo


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texts by Martin Bellemare, Gianni Grégory Fornet and Sufo-Sufo / with Patrick Daheu, Coralie Leblan and Mireille Tawfik / staging Gianni Grégory Fornet / artistic collaboration Martin Bellemare and Sufo-Sufo / lighting and video management Véronique  Bridier / space and technical assistant Adèle Bensussan / original music Chenillard  (Suzanne Péchenart and Élodie Robine) / film video and editing João Garcia / soundtrack and mixing François Gueurce