On ne dormira jamais

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Collectif Crypsum


French Premiere
À partir de
16 ans
The 19 october
At 21h00
The 20 october
At 21h00

Welcome to the KluB! The director and his assistant musicians are happy to welcome you to their mortuary – nicknamed the Hotel – which turns into a clandestine night club when evening comes: the KluB. Added to which there is a mysterious epidemic, the “yellow disease”, devastating the town and leading to increasing numbers of corpses in the morgue, and a farm of “so cute” dwarf rabbits that are a big hit on the social networks: so let the party (of the dead) begin!

Collectif Crypsum


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creation Collectif Crypsum / text Bruce Bégout, editions Allia / conception, directing Alexandre Cardin, Miren Lassus-Olasagasti, Olivier Waibel / interpretation Alexandre Cardin / live music Sébastien Bassin, Greg Vezon, Die Ufer / lighting Éric Blosse / costumes Wilfrid Belloc / lighting and sound mangement Benoît Lepage / construction  Jean-Luc Petit / production, diffusion Catherine Siriphoum / administration Marion Bléas


october 13th 5pm- Bibliothèque du Grand Parc

Meeting with Bruce Bégout and lecture by Alexandre Cardin


20th oct

Concert de Die Ufer at the end of the presentation