La nostalgie du futur

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Catherine Marnas


French Premiere
The 9 october
At 20h00
The 10 october
At 20h00
The 11 october
At 21h00
The 12 october
At 20h00
The 13 october
At 19h00
The 16 october
At 20h00
The 17 october
At 20h00
The 18 october
At 20h00
The 19 october
At 20h00
The 20 october
At 19h30
The 23 october
At 20h00
The 24 october
At 20h00

How would Pier Paolo Pasolini see our contemporary world, in which money is responsible for ever more appalling inequality? What is our current situation, in fact, in terms of revolt, of revolution? With the philosopher Guillaume Le Blanc, Catherine Marnas brings out the resonance of the words and thought of the Italian poet and film-director, his brother-in-arms and his “Jiminy Cricket”. A visionary and vital outlook, with a benevolence that is lacking in this era of mass cynicism.

Catherine Marnas


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texts Pier Paolo Pasolini and Guillaume Le Blanc / staging by Catherine Marnas / actors Julien Duval, Franck Manzoni, Olivier Pauls, Yacine Sif El Islam, Bénédicte Simon / staging assistant Odille Lauria / scenography Carlos Calvo / sound Madame Miniature assisted by Jean-Christophe Chiron / lightings Michel Theuil assisted by Clarisse Bernez-Cambot Labarta / costumes conception and creation Edith Traverso assisted by Kam Derbali / set management Cyril Muller / setting design Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine