La Chute des Anges

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Raphaëlle Boitel / Compagnie L’Oublié(e)


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French Premiere
À partir de
8 ans
The 23 october
At 21h00
The 24 october
At 19h00

Men and women, with pale bodies, living in an artificial world, at the heart of chaos. Angels, with their wings cut off, are the witnesses to this area of scorched earth. Literature, cinema, theatre and circus arts come together to enrich this new creation by Raphaëlle Boitel. A philosophic tale of the future, a poetic and absurd journey, where nature has disappeared. In turns, she looks at the manipulation of the masses, the passivity of mankind, conformism, technology, the shattered ecosystem, while always maintaining a sensitive and amusing approach.

Raphaëlle Boitel / Compagnie L’Oublié(e)


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starring Emily Zuckerman, Alba Faivre, Caroline Savi, Lilou Hérin, Nicolas Lourdelle, Loïc Leviel, Tristan Baudouin / a show by Raphaëlle Boitel / artistic collaboration, scenography, lighting Tristan Baudoin / outside view (lighting) Hervé Frichet / soundtrack  : Arthur Bison / costumes Lilou Hérin