Kabareh Cheikhats

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Jouk Attamthil Al Bidaoui - Ghassan EL HAKIM


The 19 october
At 22h30

Twelve men, all actors from Casablanca and… dressed as women. Or as Cheikhats, to be precise. These popular female singers were symbols of traditional Moroccan culture, and once much appreciated for their outspokenness, then later criticised for their independence, leading to their repertoire being forgotten. By bringing their songs and dances back to life, the cabaret artists pay homage to them with genuine fervour and in a festive party atmosphere.

Jouk Attamthil Al Bidaoui - Ghassan EL HAKIM


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Ghassan El Hakim singing and staging / Amine Naouni singing/ Mohamed Daye singing/ Ali Lamaadli singing/ Bendir Mehdi Boumalki singing/ Hamid al Khyat singing/ Taha Benaim Bendi & singing/ Walid Rakik Percussion / Nourredine Soubai Violin / Mokhtar Hsina Oud & singing