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Cirque Inextremiste

Centre Val de Loire

À partir de
6 ans

Bim, Bam, Boum are in equilibrium. Bim falls. Who’s left? No one, because if Bim falls, so does everyone else! On moving planks or swaying gas cylinders, the three protagonists from the Cirque Inextremiste try to stay upright on the rolling high seas. If one of them falters, then everyone will fall. You can see it as a parable about solidarity – or a show where you hold your breath so as not to disturb the fragile equilibrium – or both at the same time…

Cirque Inextremiste


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collective creation of the Cirque Inextremiste / with Yann Ecauvre, Rémi Lecocq and Sylvain Briani-Colin or Jérémy Olivier or Rémi Bézacier / best regards Stéphane Filloque / François Bedel / scenography Julien Michenaud, Sébastien Hérouart and Michel Ferandon / lighting creation Sébastien Hérouart / stage management Sébastien Hérouart or Jack Verdier or Julien Michenaud


Working circus groups : duo parent/children (starting from 7 years old) october 10th  from 3pm to 5pm and october 13th from 2pm to 4pm. 15 € per duo upon registration at the 05 56 49 95 95