Bains publics (Opération Aquitania)

  • Public area

3615 Dakota, Les 3 Points de suspension, and Superfluides

Suisse // France // France

  • Urban event
  • Opening
The 6 october
At 14h00
The 11 october
At 16h00
The 12 october
At 18h00
The 13 october
At 16h00
The 14 october
At 14h00
The 15 october
At 17h00

Bains Publics (Public Baths) is a participative installation and performance aiming to transform the urban space into a wellness area. 3615 Dakota, a troupe with unlimited imagination, is a regular contributor to urban artistic projects. This somewhat philosophic water-therapy installation – sparkling, mineral, freshing, drinkable, relaxing, fresh, salt, stagnant, purifying or holy – is most of all reinvigorating for the body, mind and the zygomaticus, an invitation to an original experience.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, swimming cap and towel!

Les 3 Points de suspension


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with Charlie Moine / Nicolas Chapoulier / Neil Price / Beauregard Anobile / Franck Serpinet / Paul Courlet / Antoine Frammery / Camille Mermet / Lula Hugot / Diane Bonnot


ball october 5th at 8.30pm

ball october 12th 10pm