The editorial line of the festival focuses on international programming and new regional creations. Each year, the festival comes up with a socially-pertinent theme and develops projects in public spaces.






Internationally renowned artists

With more than two thirds of the programme dedicated to international artists, new creations and – for the most part – premières in France, the festival ranks as one of the go-to events on the international festival scene.

A strong dynamic of local artists

To promote and support local talent, great emphasis is placed on artists from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The festival provides them with a platform for sharing their new creations.

A socially-engaged festival

By putting societal issues in the spotlight, the festival shows its commitment to artists who question our ever-changing modern society. Artists from the Near and Middle East were the focus of the first edition whereas the theme of borders takes centre stage for the 2017 edition.

A collaborative approach

The festival is the fruit of the collaborative labour of around forty cultural organisations and local authorities. Led by Sylvie Violan, it is co-sponsored by the independent association Festival des Arts de Bordeaux and the Carré-Colonnes theatre.


The Festival International des Arts de Bordeaux Métropole was established in 2016 following the merger of two existing festivals: the Novart festival established in 2002 in Bordeaux and the festival Des souris, des hommes established in 2008 in Saint-Médard.


manager Sylvie Violan
administration Delphine Viudes with the help of Lucile Germain
production Pascal Servera with the help of Iris Saymard
marketing Hélène Debacker, Guillaume Dupont
press Myra, Romane Volle
public relations Yann Bolzer with the help of Amélie Reynes
tickets office Maëlle Grand
diffusion Mathilde Idelot
technical manager Yvon Trebout
technic Frédéric Bianchi, Maria Belloir

with the precious help of Carré-Colonnes team members : Marianne Couranjou, Jean-Marc Liévin, Aurélia Aragon, Clémence Sonnard, Charlotte TabelJean-Pierre Etcheverry, Claudia Moroni, Dany Garcia, Bénédicte Brocard, Manon Delauge, Sophie Berlureau, Patricia Gimenez-Mailhes, Laurent Feron, Gaël Lemoine, Sébastien Tollié, Martine Jolibert

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