Become a volunteer

Thanks to all,
you are already enough of answering

for the FAB 2017, then rendezvous in 2018!

The FAB is a resolutely multidisciplinary and deeply human arts festival. Considered to be a time of immense discovery for all, the festival is an opportunity to experience an inclusive, collaborative and high-spirited moment of cultural life. It’s thanks to the help and motivation of its volunteers that the first edition of FAB was made possible and it was able to keep its promises.

And it will be thanks to a wonderful team of new volunteers that FAB 2017 will accomplish what it sets out to achieve this year!

By joining the team of volunteers, you will be the face of this festival and its values. You will experience the festival from within by helping us in various ways with projects ranging from event promotion to ticketing, logistics, welcoming the public and artists, and much more besides. The festival promises to be a period of rich and intense discoveries where you can enhance your experience of the cultural and artistic community.