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In July 2015, someone wrote two pieces of gra ti on a wall in the besieged district of Al-Waer, in the city of Homs: “One day, we’ll be what we want to be. The journey hasn’t begun and the road is not wished.” “I’m here, this is my trace, a moon will emerge from the darkness.” With these words of hope, from poems by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwich, men and women are resisting su ering, death, the eclipse and obstruction of their horizons, and are aspiring to a better future. The Syrians have become invisible, deliberately hidden by the media, who only really talk about the ght against radical Islamist movements, but never about the democratic and universal motivations of the people.

As if in Syria there was only Bashar Al Assad and Daesh, as if individual Syrians did not exist like other people do, as if they were not resisting, loving and demanding their rights… With Creative Memory, we are following the tracks and the traces that all these Syrians have left behind: the graffiti, walls, drawings, photographs, sculptures, paintings, caricatures… and we have indexed them in 22 categories, we have classified them according to the date and place of creation and to the names of their authors. The website brings together works from the Syrian revolution and provides information about each one of them. We look at how people have given expression to their political, economic and social demands. We study their creations. The goal is to preserve the memory of all the creative expression produced by Syrians from the beginning of the Revolution in 2011 until today, through its diverse changes. Today on the site, there are over 22 000 articles in three languages.

We present these works, as much to those who know all about the situation in Syria as to those who know nothing about it, and go out of our way to give the Syrians pride of place, to highlight individuals, so that they can become subjects and not objects. Because the Syrians must be visible, so that the whole world should recognise them, so that their cause shouldn’t die. And this faith is the foundation of hope.

Sana Yazigi is a graphic designer, a graduate of the Fine Arts faculty of Damascus University in 1993. In 2007 she founded The Culture Diary, the first bilingual Arabic-English cultural diary, covering artistic and cultural news in Damascus until 2012, as well as other Syrian towns. In June 2012, she moved to Beirut and decided to collect all forms of artistic expression from the Syrian revolution, and to present them on a website: in May 2013 The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution was launched. This site, with an international scope, was supported by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the Norwegian Embassy, the French-Syrian Institute, ccfd-terre solidaire and the British Council


Scheduled tour dates

01.2017 : Strasbourg
03.2017 : Tandem : Théâtre D’Arras / Hippodrome de Douai
07.2017 : La Manufacture, Avignon

oct 2016 : FAB Festival International des Arts de Bordeaux Métropole


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